Senate Policies

In May 2013, Senate passed a motion requesting that all academic policies approved by Senate be posted on the Senate website, for ease of access.  As it would be a formidable task to unearth every policy ever passed, a search of Senate agendas and minutes was undertaken, to find and post policies passed since September 2010.  New policies will be added as they are approved. 

If any policies have been overlooked, or if Senators have specific earlier policies they wish to see posted for ease of access, send your requests to the current Senate Chair.


December 2010:  Policy on Existing Named/ Endowed Chairs as of 2010 [amended June 2011]  Click here.

December 2010:  Policy Regarding the Creation of Endowed Chair/Professorship Policy for Chairs/Professorships created post 2010  Click here.

April 2011:  Policy on Criteria for Dean’s Lists  Click here.



September 2011:  Guidelines for Honorary Doctorate Nominations  Click here.

September 2011:  Guidelines for Professor Emeritus Nominations Click here.

November 2011:  Guidelines for Senate Minutes  Click here.

February 2012: Policies Regarding Graduate Thesis Supervision  Click here.



October 2012:  Policy Regarding Eligibility for External Readers for Graduate Theses  Click here.

January 2013:  Policy on Compassionate Leave for Graduate Students  Click here.

April 2013: Definition of an Acadia Education  Click here.

May 2013: Policy Regarding Archiving of Senate Materials  Click here.

June 2013:  Process Surrounding Recommendations for the Hiring of Permanent Faculty  Click here.



September 2013:  Guidelines Governing Timetabling  Click here.

October 2013:  Guidelines for Faculty  Making Curriculum Change Requests  Click here.

April 2014:  Considerations when Assessing Permanent Faculty Position Requests [Note: Applies for 2013-2014 only; will be reassessed after further consultation]  Click here.

April 2014:  Provision for Graduation with Aegrotat Standing (Applies When a Student Who Has Completed Most Degree Requirements has Died or Been Permanently Incapacitated]  Click here.

June 2014:  Forward Planning Process  Click here.



January 2015:  Policy Revision Regarding Support and Accommodation for Students with Disabilities Click here.


June 2016:  Acadia Library Open Access Policy Click here

June 2016:   Guidelines for Professor Emeritus Nominations Click here