Terms of Reference

The Senate is responsible for the educational policy of the University, and, with the approval of the Board of Governors insofar as the expenditure of funds and the establishment of faculties are concerned, may create such faculties, schools, departments, and institutes, or establish chairs as the Senate may determine, and may enact by-laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, has power:

 (a) to consider and, if thought fit, to approve the recommendations of the Faculty of the University with regard to the curricula of Acadia University and its affiliated institutions;

 (b) to determine, regulate and control the educational policy of the University;

 (c) to determine the courses of study and standards of admission to the University, and continued membership therein, and qualifications for degrees and diplomas;

 (d) to conduct examinations and appoint examiners;

 (e) to deal with all matters arising in connection with the award of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards;

 (f) to confer the degrees of Bachelor, Master, and Doctor, and all other degrees and diplomas in all branches of learning that may appropriately be conferred by a university;

 (g) to recommend to the Board of Governors the Acadia representative on the Maritime School of Social Work Board of Governors;

 (h) notwithstanding anything in the foregoing sections of this article the Senate shall have the authority to act on any other matters that the Board of Governors may refer to it.

 (Bill No. 30, 1968, "An Act to Amend Chapter 134 of the Acts of 1891, An Act Respecting Acadia University")