Acadia University Senate

SENATE MEETING OF 20 September 2004

A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday,  20 September 2004, beginning at
4:02 p.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and 46 members present.
1)   Minutes of the Meeting of
      5 May 2004
 It was moved by L. Oliver and seconded by L. McDonald that the minutes of Wednesday, 4 May 2004 be approved. 
With the agreement of T. Archibald, T. Ellis advised that page 4, paragraph 2, line 3 of Item 4)e) should read "T. Archibald noted that the composition of the REB does not include an Arts Faculty representative whose primary research involves human subjects".

2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Today’s Agenda
      -re Regrets
      -re Visitors
      -re Senate Membership
      -re Senate Meetings

The Chair advised of Registration Statistics Report handouts, from the Registrar, which will be referred to under Item 2, Announcements and Communications.
Regrets were received from J. Dewolfe, A. Irving, and N. Van Wagoner.
The Chair welcomed visitor, Dr. Richard Keeling of Keeling Associates Inc.(consultant) from Manhattan.
The Chair welcomed new and returning Senators P. Abela, G. Bissix, S. Bondrup-Nielsen, P. Cabilio, G. Callon, R. Conrod, P. Corkum, R. Cunningham, S. Franceschet, G. Iwama, W. McLeod, J. Masterson, R. Nilson, R. Perrins, A. Thomson, J. Wentzell; Student Senators A. Buote (Prof. St.), P. LeGay (VP(A)), and M. Murphy (Science); and Lay Person G. Vaughan, returning for a second term.  He reminded those responsible, to address any vacancies on the Senate membership list.  Any questions may be directed to Recording Secretary, Donna Murphy.
The Chair noted that the Constitution and By-Laws of the Senate require that meeting procedure in the Senate be governed by Arthur Beauchesne, Rules and Forms in the House of Commons of Canada; however, for the purpose of general procedure at Senate meetings, Roberts Rules of Order will be used.  I. Wilks reminded Senators that the Senate meetings end at 6:00 p.m. unless debate/discussion is near its completion.  The Chair noted that in the event of a tie vote, he would vote against the motion and invite the mover of it to bring it before Senate again to solve the indecision of the matter.
    b) From the Vice-President
   -re Strategic Planning Process
      -re Strategic Planning
      -re Student Writing Centre
R. Nilson introduced himself, shared his view of Nova Scotia compared to Saskatchewan, and expressed appreciation to Acadia University community for accepting him. 
He spoke on the strategic planning process and hoped that the University community accepts the responsibility to participate.  It is a right and also a responsibility at all levels.  He felt it was the faculty strength, which is driving the development forward at this institution.  He emphasized that this process does not mean we are in a waiting mode until it is done; the institution will continue to function as it should.  Such areas as internationalization, an institutional research plan, Acadia's IT situation, the registration process, and relationships across different sectors will be looked at.  He reminded Senators that the Senate is responsible for the educational policy at the University.  Dr. Nilson reaffirmed that he would be coming back to Senate during the process with a variety of different issues.  He noted that the Senate is the academic authority on curriculum issues. 
R. Nilson introduced Dr. Richard Keeling, who spoke on the proposed Acadia University strategic planning process to be conducted within the next few months with a report on the results expected in the Spring of 2005.   He told Senators that his role was not to define or change, but to help Acadia University see the pros and cons of the establishment.
R. Nilson announced that Stephen Ahern would be co-ordinator for the student writing centre, which will be part of the Student Learning Common.  He will be a member of faculty with an office in the Mitchner Lounge of the Student Union Building.

    c) From the Registrar
       -re Registration Statistics
R. Jotcham pointed out highlights of this year’s registration statistical handout and noted that the heading on the Students by Country of Residence Report should read "September 20, 2004".  There was a number of reports which made comparisons for the last several years:  1) for first-year, full-time students at the undergraduate level,  2) for full-time and part-time graduate and undergraduate students, 3) for students showing their country of residence.  Acadia has students representing 66 countries other than Canada with a total of 4,064 registered, full-time, undergraduate students this date.  This report is registered students, not admitted.  The regional trend has shown decreased enrolment at similar institutions (APPENDIX A).

  3) Approval of List of
   Graduates for the Convocation
   of May 2004 (045-01-CON)
It was moved by R. Nilson and seconded by R. Cunningham that the List of Graduates for the Convocation of October 2004 as handed out at this meeting be approved (APPENDIX B).
Senators reviewed this list.
It was moved by R. Nilson and seconded by P. LeGay that any candidate for an Acadia degree, diploma or certificate who should receive a grade or otherwise qualify or be disqualified between this Senate meeting and the forthcoming Convocations, shall be considered by the Chair of the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee, the appropriate Dean and the Registrar, acting as an ad hoc committee of the Senate, they having the power to make consequential amendments to the graduation list.

  4) New Business
   a) 2003-2004 Annual Reports
      from Senate Committees 
      i) Library
It was moved by S. Lochhead and seconded by G. Hepburn that the  2003-2004 annual report of the Senate Library Committee, as attached to today's agenda be received.
In reply to a question from the floor, S. Lochhead noted that immediate concerns include adequate space, ventilation, and remodelling.  She confirmed that Archives space has been greatly enhanced with the installation of compact shelving, which will be adequate for another five to seven years, when off-site storage may have to be considered.
The Registrar advised there are more 2003-2004 Annual Reports to come to the next Senate meeting.

   b) Acadia Faculty Council
      -re Human Resources
          Review Request


P. Corkum, Chair of the Faculty, presented this item, brought to Senate for information, as an attachment to today's agenda.

5) Other Business

     -re Evaluation of Students


H. Hopkins noted that further to discussion at a previous meeting of Senate, when alternative methods of grading/evaluating students was discussed, there will be a conference by the MPHEC on this subject in November.  He asked if others knew of this conference and might be interested.  I. Wilks noted this would be an issue, which the Faculty Development Committee should address.  R. Nilson confirmed that he was aware of this event and Acadia University would be represented at this conference.

 6) Adjournment

P. Cabilio moved this meeting be adjourned.  It was 5:15 p.m.




D. Murphy, Recording Secretary