Acadia University Senate


A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday, 12 April 2004, beginning at
4:06 p.m. with Chair Robert Raeside presiding and 41 members present.
1)   Minutes of the Meeting of
      9 February 2004


It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by J. Sumarah that the minutes of Monday, 9 February 2004 (no meeting of Senate was held March 2004) be approved. 

2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets
Regrets were received from L. Binns, P. Cook, G. Draper, I. Feltmate, J. Hennessey, A. Irving, G. Ness, and Sandra Phillips.
The Chair recognized retiring student Senators:  D. O'Rourke, J. Langille, L. Binns, A. Duncan, J. Mosher, and K. Roy.
R. Raeside acknowledged D. Benoit who was present to answer questions pertaining to Item 4)b), on the Faculty Development Committee.  Also R. Conrad, incoming SRC President.

    b) From the Vice-President
      The Learning Commons
C. MacLatchy, Vice-President (Academic), announced 1.) Acadia has a new program in Environmental Geoscience.  2.) The University Review Committee has completed its business regarding Faculty applications for promotion. 3.) The search for Dean of FPAS has begun.  4.) Nine projects have been awarded funding from the Teaching, Innovation, and Improvement Fund, involving students, faculty, and staff working together to improve the learning environment at Acadia University.
C. MacLatchy outlined the proposed establishment of The Learning Commons at Acadia.  This initiative was the result of discussion at the September meeting of Senate, regarding the need for a writing centre.  The facility will give student support and address many types of counselling for students:  writing skills, math skills, report creation, career counselling, academic counselling, personal counselling and plagiarism policy clarification.  It will be led by an academic and have an instructional atmosphere.  The former McConnell Building is the suggested location.  The model for this idea will go to the University Academic Sector Planning Committee for consideration.

   c) From the Academic
      Integrity Committee
R. Jotcham reported that the Academic Integrity Committee is fully staffed and has met twice since the last meeting of Senate.  This committee plans to have a report for the May meeting.

   d) From the Faculty
      of Theology


R. Wilson announced that Dr. Evans of the Faculty of Theology,  recently had a two-part series on CBC-TV Dateline regarding Historical Jesus.

    c) From the President

Dr. Gottlieb announced the launch of a $35 million capital campaign in the Fall of 2004, to address needs at Acadia.  Among the top priorities are a new Biology building, renovations to Patterson Hall, establishment of Learning Commons, student scholarships, and a new residence.

  3) Business Arising From 
   Previous Minutes
   a) By-Laws Committee-Term
      of Service for Initial
      Membership Appointment
      to Senate Committees

It was moved by P. Corkum and seconded by B. Matthews that the following be added to Senate Constitution and By-Laws, Article VI-COMMITTEES, para 2: 
However, with the first appointment of members to a standing committee and/or special committee of Senate, the Recording Secretary of Senate should ensure that a staggering of the appointments occur so that not all members of the committee are retiring at the same time.

  b) Vice-President (Academic)
      Annual Report 2002-2003 to
      Senate (034-49-VPA)

It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by P. Cabilio that the Annual Report of the Vice-President (Academic) for 2002-2003 as distributed at the February meeting, be accepted.

Dr. Gottilieb noted this report was very impressive.

  4) New Business
   a) Curriculum Committee-    
      School of Business

It was moved by N. Van Wagoner and seconded by C. MacLatchy that the course changes for the
School of Business, as outlined in the attachment to the agenda, be accepted.
N. Van Wagoner gave a brief explanation of this change.

    b) Faculty Development
      Committee-Review of    
      Duties and Structure 
It was moved by S. Markham-Starr and seconded by L. Oliver that the Senate Constitution and By-Laws Article VIII (o) FACULTY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE be amended as outlined in the attachment to today's agenda:
            i           The membership of the Faculty Development  
                        Committee shall be elected in accordance with Article
                        VI. 1. and shall be as follows:
One member of the Faculty of Arts
One member of the Faculty of Professional Studies
One member of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
One member of the Faculty of Theology
            ii          The Mission Statement of the Faculty Development
The mission of the FDC is to contribute to the success and development of Acadia University Faculty in the areas of teaching, research and overall professional development.
            iii          The duties of the Faculty Development Committee
                        shall be:
- to serve as a liaison between Faculty, Senate, and other resources available at this university (such as the AITT and Graduate and Research Studies)
- to act as a directory for development resources
- to serve as a link to external faculty development resources
- to work as a feedback loop among the various resources and faculty
- to collect faculty ideas and develop suggestions to meet faculty development
D. Benoit, from this committee, spoke on this motion which gives the committee a Mission Statement.
It was moved by G. Bissix and seconded by M. Grieve that the following be added para iii:
to develop programs to contribute to the success of development of the Acadia University Faculty in areas of teaching, research, and overall professional development
In discussion it was noted that this committee has no budget; that the proposed Learning Commons would be a resource for faculty development as well as the committee being an advisory for the LC; that the committee should identify needs before being given a budget; and that the points in the amendment is already covered in the contract.
D. Benoit answered questions concerning other resources on campus, types of resources this committee might develop in future, including a website.

   c) Nomination Committee-
      Secretary to Faculty


It was moved by P. Corkum and seconded by B. Matthews that H. Wyile serve as Secretary to Faculty until June 30, 2004, replacing J. Slights.
The Chair called for further nominations three times and hearing none, declared H. Wyile Secretary to Faculty until June 30, 2004.

 6) Adjournment

N. Van Wagoner moved this meeting be adjourned.  It was 4:50 p.m.




D. Murphy, Recording Secretary