Acadia University Senate

SENATE MEETING OF 10 November 2003

A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday,  10 November 2003, beginning at
4: 00 p.m. with Chair Robert Raeside presiding and 42 members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 14 October 2003

It was moved by B. Matthews and seconded by B. Latta that the minutes of Tuesday, 14 October 2003 be approved.  


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

     -re Senate Membership      



Regrets were received from J. Dewolfe, G. Draper, J. Hennessy, A. Irving, D. Kruisselbrink, L. Oliver, R. Proulx, K. Roy, and I. Spooner.

The Chair introduced and welcomed Board of Governors Representative to Senate, the Rev. H. Hopkins.  

    b) From the President G. Dinter-Gottlieb announced that a consulting firm would be brought in to review the administrative structure on this campus and to help with a strategic planning process for Acadia University.  It is not the intent to add to the administrative team, but to identify the most efficient and productive structure for this campus.
    c) From the Vice-President 

C. MacLatchy announced that a search committee has been established for the Dean of Pure and Applied Science position.  This will be an internal/external search.
 4) Business Arising from the 
   a) University Teaching 
      Complement Committee-
      Report/Recommendation on 
      Appeal from Dept of 
      Languages & Literature 


Through an introduction the Chair reviewed the history of this item, as it affects Senate.  In June, notification was received indicating that the Teaching Complement Committee (TCC) had met and upheld an appeal by the Department of Languages and Literatures concerning the transfer of a position out of the department.  Following the terms of article 20.06 of the 10th Collective Agreement, the TCC forwarded its recommendation to the chair of Senate, "for a decision on the matter by Senate".  No clarification is provided by the Collective Agreement or by the record of Senate as to how this decision is to be reached by Senate.  In September the issue was raised in Senate and in October a motion to conduct a hearing was debated.  As data from two sources appeared conflicting, Senate requested the TCC prepare a report containing information from the appellant and the ASPC and its recommendation.  As attached to today's agenda, the TCC respectfully declined Senate's request for this report.

It was moved by B. Matthews and seconded by J. Davies that Senate not hear this case and that the decision of the TCC be forwarded to the Board of Governors.

G. Ness clarified that the TCC does not report to the Senate, as it is a committee of the Collective Agreement.  Also it was clarified that should the motion pass, the TCC recommendation to uphold the appeal from Languages and Literatures would be forwarded to the Board of Governors.


    b) By-Laws Committee-
      Term of Service for By- 
      Laws Committee Members


It was moved by P. Corkum and seconded by A. Mitchell that Article VI.2., of the Senate Constitution and By-Laws regarding Senate Committees, be amended to read "The elected members of standing committees shall normally be elected for a term of three years, except for student members, whose term of Senate is for one year's duration, and for the elected members of the Executive Committee, who will be elected for one year.  The term of service of elected members shall commence on the first Day of July of the year of election and shall normally conclude on the Thirtieth Day of June three years thereafter.

P. Corkum spoke to this motion, explaining that this will bring the By-Laws Committee in line with other standing committees of Senate.


 4) New Business
   a) 2002-2003 Annual Report-
      Scholarships, Prizes, and  
      Awards Committee 


It was moved by A. Mitchell and seconded by P. Cabilio that the Scholarships, Prizes, and Awards Committee Annual Report for 2002-2003 as distributed with today's agenda be received.


   b) 2002-2003 Annual Report-
      Honours Committee 

It was moved by P. Cabilio and seconded by G. Ness that the Honours Committee Annual Report for 2002-2003 as distributed with today's agenda be received.

There was a request from the floor to update the names of some departments and schools in this report, and to recommend the Honours Committee review any changes in procedures following the elimination of Fall Convocation, or modifications reflecting alternative methods of thesis production.


 6) Adjournment P. Cabilio moved this meeting be adjourned.  It was 4:50 p.m.

D. Murphy, Recording Secretary