Acadia University Senate


A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday, 9 September 2002, beginning at
4:10 p.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and 49 members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 8 May 2002

It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by W. McLeod that the Minutes of 8 May 2002 be approved.

J. Britton corrected the spelling of two names.


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

      -re Today's Agenda

      -re Senate Meetings

 -re Senate Membership



Regrets were received from A. Irving and D. MacKinnon.

The Chair announced changes to the meeting's agenda:  Item 4)a) would be treated as a motion rather than a notice of motion; and an item would come forward under New Business from G. Vaughan. 

He noted that Item 4)b) would be brought forward by the Vice-President (Academic) in the absence of a Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

He reminded Senators that the Senate meetings normally end no later than 6:00 p.m. (though exceptions are made when appropriate). 

He said that the Senate Constitution and By-Laws requires that procedure in Senate be governed by Arthur Beauchesne, Rules and Forms in the House of Commons of Canada.  This document will be regarded as determining for matters of procedure, but nonetheless Robert's Rules of Order will be regarded as guiding.

The Chair noted that in the event of a tie vote his practice would be to vote against the pending motion.

He noted that J. Cayford will continue as Registrar (with R. Jotcham as Deputy Registrar) until 31 December 2002.

He welcomed R. Segado to this meeting as a guest; he will speak to the Senate Library Report. 

The following were welcomed to Senate:  J. Mosher,  M. Peddle, C. Saulnier, R. Wilson, A. Quema, J. Davies, D. Duke, S. Franceschet, J. Slights, J. Hansen, S. Markham-Starr, J. Green-Johnson, L. Oliver, D. Brodeur, B. Latta, N. Van Wagoner, J. DeWolfe, J. Cayford, R. Jotecham, and S. Lochhead.

    b) From the President K. Ogilvie welcomed all Senators to another academic year.  He expressed his pleasure in the completion of the K.C. Irving Environmental Centre, which will officially be handed over to Acadia University on 14 September.  Information regarding the use of the space in this centre will be shared with faculty when it is available.
    c) From the Vice-President 

M. Leiter also welcomed everyone to a new academic year.  He reported that Acadia has filled both the position of University Librarian (S. Lochhead) and that of Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (T. Ellis).  The latter appointment is effective 1 January 2003 and in the interim the duties of this office will be carried out by the three Deans and the VPA.
    d) From the Registrar

J. Cayford referred to handouts on student enrolment.  The first contained student registration statistics for the past five years.  This document shows the largest number of students enrolled at Acadia ever.  The second handout showed a breakdown of first year undergraduate full-time students by faculty as well as by country of residence (APPENDIX A).  She commented that fluctuation in numbers is often the result of demographic changes in a given region.  She confirmed that the overall figure included part-time students.

P. Cook noted that Acadia has students from 60 different countries.

    e) V-P(A) - Acadia Students’ 

J. Britton noted the student Arts representative on the Senate will change.  He also announced the launching of a new Acadia Student Union website which may be found at; he encouraged Senators to view it.
 3) Business Arising from the 
   a) 2001-2002 Annual Reports 
       from Senate Committees 
      (i) Library Report


It was moved by S. Lochhead and seconded by M. Leiter that Senate receive the Senate Library Committee Report for 2001-02 (with notes from Mary MacLeod), as distributed with today's agenda.

R. Segado spoke to this report.  He pointed out that members of this Committee for 2002-03 still need to be appointed.  He then argued that it would make more sense to extend the current one-year terms for faculty SLC positions to two-year terms. 

L. McDonald reminded Senate that Theology is a faculty at Acadia, and that an extensive portion of the library collection is in fact purchased and maintained for the use of that faculty.  It should therefore have representation on the SLC. 

I. Wilks asked the By-Laws Committee to consider those parts of the SLC terms of reference which determine 1) length of membership terms and 2) representation of faculties; he encouraged the Committee to consult with R. Segado, other members of last year’s SLC, S. Lochhead, and L. McDonald.

I. Wilks also asked the Nominating Committee to provide nominations for the open positions on the SLC; he asked that these be forthcoming by the October meeting of Senate.


      (ii) Division of Continuing 
           and Distance Education

It was moved by G. Hepburn and seconded by N. Van Wagoner that Senate receive the Board of Continuing and Distance Education Report for 2001-2002, as distributed with today's agenda.

G. Hepburn spoke to this motion, noting a correction in the Board members as listed in the report.  Ms. Jennifer Isaacs should be removed from the list. 


    b) By-Laws Committee -
      Senate's Notice of Motion 
      Process (023-01-LAW)
Notice of motion was circulated with today's agenda as follows:

Article V of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Senate of Acadia University, (“AMENDMENT OF THE BY-LAWS”) states in part that “Amendment of these By-Laws may be effected by a majority vote at any regular meeting of Senate, provided that notice of motion of such amendment be given at the meeting of Senate one month prior to the vote.”

The By-Laws Committee moves that this wording be replaced by:

"Amendment of these By-Laws may be effected by a majority vote at any regular meeting of Senate, provided that at least thirty days notice of motion of such amendment has been duly given before that meeting."

This wording is consistent with Bill 108 (Appendix B page 1) and allows senators to provide notice of motion when meetings are cancelled.

M. Grieve spoke to this motion.

 4) New Business
   a) Plagiarism and Cheating
It was moved by G. Ness and seconded by S. Ash that given the apparent changes in some students attitudes about cheating, the perception that there has been a related increase in cheating and plagiarism by students at the university, and the recognition of the changing nature of cheating, that Senate create a Task Force on Academic Integrity to examine the nature and magnitude of the threats to academic integrity at the university and to recommend comprehensive, pan-university policies, measures, and procedures to deal with the issue.

The Task Force shall include a Chairperson appointed by Senate, one member of Senate from each Faculty, one student-Senator, one librarian, and the Registrar.  The Task Force on Academic Integrity will report to Senate at the February 2003 meeting.

G. Ness noted that academic misconduct is a continuing problem, and argued that it should therefore be examined on a campus-wide basis. 

S. Ash noted that the campus environment has changed and a University policy should be reviewed.  Preventative measures need to be put in place and an appropriate policy  needs to apply to all academic units.

M. Leiter said that there was a need to consolidate information on academic misconduct across campus.  We need to examine procedures for getting the full range of information together in order to deal with an appeal.

J. Cayford reported that a number of faculty fail to report instances of cheating to the Registrar, who keeps a record of academic offences.  Improper use of information from the net is the newest and most used form of cheating, followed by copying of assignments.  25 instances were reported last year.

It was moved by N. Van Wagner and seconded by M. Leiter that the motion be amended to strike out the opening lines, up to and including the phrase "the nature of cheating."



The Chair directed the Nominating Committee to fill these positions on the Task Force. 

    b) Research Ethics Board - 
      Graduate Student 


It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by C. MacLatchy that whereas Acadia University is required to comply with the Tri-Council Policy Statement "Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans" (1998) and the Senate By-Laws regarding the membership of the Research Ethics Board, be it resolved that Ms. Elizabeth Nilsen, M.Sc. Program, Department of Psychology, be re-appointed to the Research Ethics Board, effective immediately, for a second one-year term as Graduate Student Representative (non-voting).

The Chair called three times for further nominations.  Hearing none, he declared the nominations closed. 


The chair declared E. Nilsen acclaimed to the position of Graduate Student Representative on the REB.

 5) Other Business
   a) Student Medical Plan
G. Vaughan described problems which have arisen in the administration of a student medical insurance plan.  K. Ogilvie noted that this plan is negotiated and administered by the Student Union, and suggested that the problem be taken directly to the ASU President. 
6) Adjournment N. Van Wagoner moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was 
5:20 p.m.

D. Murphy, Recording Secretary