Acadia University Senate

SENATE MEETING OF 9 December 2002

A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday,  9 December 2002, beginning at
4:10 p.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and 34 members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 19 November 2002

It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by J. DeWolfe that the Minutes of Tuesday, 19 November 2002 be approved.

It was noted that the date on p. 1 should read “Tuesday”, not “Monday”.


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

      -re Today's Agenda

      -re Senate Membership

      -re Correspondence
          -Board of Governors 
           Re-structuring Proposal 



Regrets were received from T. Archibald, J. Britton, J. Cayford, J. Clemons, M. Grieve, J. Helms-Mills, J. Kirk, C. MacLatchy, J. Mosher, L. Oliver, M. Peddle, B. Robertson, S. Roscoe, C. Saulnier, and T. Voss.

The Chair announced an addition to today's agenda: a report from the School of Education on a proposed modification to EDUC 5713, which will be considered as Item 5)a).

He welcomed incoming Registrar, R. Jotcham to Senate.  He expressed appreciation to outgoing Registrar, J. Cayford, for her valued contribution to the University Senate. 

He read a memorandum dated 9 December 2002 from P. Hobson, and an accompanying letter from the Chair of the BOG Nominating Committee, both on the issue of Board re-structuring 
(APPENDIX A).  Senators were advised that any comments on this proposal could be directed to the Chair of Senate, who would summarize and report at the next meeting of Senate and then to the Board.

    b) From the President K. Ogilvie reminded Senators that the annual Christmas General Assembly will be held Friday, 20 December 2002 in Wheelock Lounge beginning at 12:00 noon.  At this assembly, the winners of this year's President's Award for Innovation will be announced.  There were 15 nominations received this year.  He said that round two of the McConnell Grant applications is now underway.  The winner will be announced in January 2003. 
   c) From the Vice-President 

M. Leiter advised that the Annual Vice-President (Academic) Report for 2001-2002, which was available for Senators to pick up at this meeting, will be brought forward for acceptance at the January meeting of Senate.  He noted that the University Library has begun the development of a data base of publications of Acadia Faculty members, and wishes to receive hard copies of these publications for the archives.  He felt this was a worthwhile and important record of Acadia Faculty accomplishments.
 3) Business Arising from the   
   a) By-Laws Committee - 
      Terms of Reference Item 
      VIII(q) of Senate  
      Constitution & By-Laws  - 
      Faculty Elections Officers


It was moved by P. Corkum and seconded by A. Mitchell that the current Section VIII (q) ii of the Senate By-Laws be amended, as circulated with the Agenda for 12 November 2002.  This would have the following added to this section: “ to ensure that each of the Faculty Councils elect two representatives to the University Review Committee.  (The terms and conditions of the prevailing Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors and the Acadia University Faculty Association shall determine the eligibility for membership on the University Review Committee)”.

P. Corkum spoke to this motion, noting that while the current By-Laws require the Faculty Elections Officer to elect Faculty representatives to the University Review Committee, it appears that in fact representatives are elected at the individual Faculty Council level.


 4) New Business
   a) Registrar-Course Title and 
      Number Change for Biology 
      and Nutrition 


It was moved by G. Hepburn and seconded by M. Leiter that the following title and number changes be accepted:
FOOD 3543 Food Microbiology and
BIOL 3543 Food Microbiology
Will be renumbered to:
NUTR 3563 Food Microbiology 
[This course can count as a biology course for that major]


    b) Annual Report-
      Scholarships, Prizes and 
      Awards Committee-2001-
      2002 (023-19-REP)


It was moved by A. Mitchell and seconded by B. McLeod that the Annual Report of the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards Committee for 2001-2002, as attached to the agenda for today’s meeting, be accepted.

A. Mitchell spoke to this report.  He noted that it indicates that $458,430 of scholarship money was offered; but SPAC actually over-offers by more than 50%. A further $60,000 of that sum is then used to provide equity between the faculties, and so is not really awarded on the bases of competitive scholarships.  The total dollar value for competitive entrance scholarships for year one is around $160,000.  The available money funded only 18 A-package scholarships for the entire university; this is not considered adequate for a university of this size.


   c) Timetable, Instruction 
      Hours, and Examinations 
      Calendar Dates 


It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by G. Ness that the TIE Committee Report on proposed 2003-04 Calendar Dates as attached to this meeting’s agenda be accepted.

A friendly amendment was accepted to change the phrase “fall convocation” to “fall graduation” wherever it appears on this document.


   d) Registrar-Course Title and 
      Number Change for Music 

It was moved by J. Hennessy and seconded by B. Matthews that the following title and number changes be accepted:

MUSI 1112 Practical Skills in Music 1 becomes
MUSI 1112 Musicianship1

MUSI 1122 Practical Skills in Music 2 becomes
MUSI 1122 Musicianship 2

MUSI 1133 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 1 becomes
MUSI 1133 Music Theory 1

MUSI 1143 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 2 becomes
MUSI 1143 Music Theory 2

MUSI 2133 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 3 becomes
MUSI 2133 Music Theory 3

MUSI 2143 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 4 becomes
MUSI 2143 Music Theory 4


 5) Other Business
   a) School of Education-
      Proposed Modification to 
      EDUC 5713 (023-22-CRE)


It was moved by D. MacKinnon and seconded by H. Hemming that the course proposal from the School of Education as handed out at today’s meeting (APPENDIX B) be accepted.

D. MacKinnon noted this proposal marks a return to a procedure used three years ago.  He said that the first sentence of the handout should read “The School of Education proposes to eliminate EDUC 5713 (Project in Education) as a mandatory component for all Master of Education degrees”.  


 5) Adjournment N. Price moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was 4:45 p.m.
D. Murphy, Recording Secretary