Acadia University Senate


A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Wednesday,  7 May 2003, beginning at
9:10 a.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and 39 members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 14 April 2003

It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by M. Leiter that the minutes of Monday, 14 April 2003 be approved. 


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

      -re Today’s Agenda

      -re Senate Membership

      -re Departure of K. Ogilvie      and M. Leiter



Regrets were received from T. Archibald, P. Cook, G. Draper, J. Helms-Mills, J. Hennessy, A. Irving, K. Ogilvie, L. Oliver, and R. Proulx. 

The Chair noted the following additions to today’s agenda.  Under Item 5)c), six Annual Reports from Senate Committees were added.  Under Item 6), a nominating report from the SCRGS was added, as well as a curriculum report from the School of Music and a notice of motion from the Faculty of Theology.

The Chair introduced two student senators:  D. O’Rourke (SRC President) and J. Mosher (SRC VPA).  He announced that the other representatives will be R. John (Arts), A. Duncan (Professional Studies), and L. Binns (Science).  He expressed thanks to all Senators who served on the Senate and the Senate Committees this past year, and in particular made note of those senators who will be retiring from the Senate.

I. Wilks acknowledged the departure of Kelvin Ogilvie as University President and Michael Leiter as Vice-President (Academic), both mainstays of this body.  He noted the great contribution both have made to the Senate meetings, through their debate, shared knowledge and experience.  On behalf of all Senators, the Chair thanked both for their many services to Senate, and extended the best wishes of Senate for their future endeavours.  A general round of applause ensured.

    b) From the Vice-President 

M. Leiter reflected on his twenty years at Acadia.  He noted that the main focus of the Senate in the future would remain the University curriculum.  The innovation of faculty in regards to curriculum is ongoing, and there is much still to accomplish.  He added that creating the position of  Dean of Research & Graduate Studies will make possible greater and more significant achievements in the scholarly environment of Acadia.  M. Leiter closed by expressing his appreciation for the work Senate.
 3) Approval of List of 
   Graduates for the Convocation 
   of May 2003 (023-79-CON)
It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by B. Matthews that the List of Graduates for the Convocation of May 2003 (APPENDIX A) be accepted.

This list was reviewed by Faculty and possible changes to this list were taken under advisement by the Registrar.


It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by C. MacLatchy that any candidate for an Acadia degree, diploma or certificate who should receive a grade or otherwise qualify or be disqualified between this Senate meeting and the forthcoming Convocations, shall be considered by the Chair of the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee, the appropriate Dean and the Registrar, acting as an ad hoc committee of the Senate, they having the power to make consequential amendments to the graduation list.


 4) Business Arising from the 
   a) Nominating Committee-
      Report (023-78-NOM)


P. Corkum expressed appreciation to Ian Wilks for his service to the Senate.  She noted that he was a very hard act to follow in finding a replacement as Chair and thanked R. Raeside for taking up the challenge.

It was moved by P. Corkum and seconded by M. Leiter that the Nominating Committee Report dated 14 April 2003, as attached to the previous minutes be accepted.

The Chair called for further nominations three times and hearing none, declared nominations were closed.  This report is as follows:
a) Chair of Senate (1 year term 2003-2004): Robert Raeside
b) Deputy Chair of  Senate (1 year term 2003-2004): Gary Hepburn
c) Executive of Senate (1 year term 2003-2004):
-Patricia Corkum from the Faculty of Professional Studies
-Tom Archibald from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
-Jessica Slights from the Faculty of Arts 
d) By-laws Committee (3 year term 2003-2006): Andrew Mitchell
e) By-laws Committee (2 year term 2003-2005): Malcolm Grieve, replacement for Thomas Voss 
f) Lay person on Senate (3 year term 2003- 2006): James Tillotson
g) Faculty Elections Officer (1 year term 2003-2004): Jian-An Peng 
h) Secretary to Faculty: Jessica Slights


The persons named on the list were declared acclaimed to the positions for which they had been nominated.

 5) New Business
   a) Recording Secretary Report 
      on Senate and Senate 
      Committee Vacancies 


This report, as attached to today’s agenda, was provided for information.  The Chair encouraged those responsible for filling Senate vacancies to do so in a timely manner.

    b) Divinity College – 
      Program Change Proposal – 
      Faculté de Théologie 
      Évagéliqué (023-81-DIV)


It was moved by R. Wilson and seconded by B. Matthews that Faculté de Théologie Évagéliqué eliminate the Hebrew prerequisite for those Master’s in Theology students whose area of study is in Practical Theology.  Students in Bible, Theology, History or Apologetics would continue to follow the present requirements.


   c) 2002-2003 Annual Reports 
      of Senate Committees 




It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by J. Kirk that the Senate Committee Reports for 2002-2003 as distributed with today's agenda or at today's meeting be received.

There were reports were from:
-- Research Ethics Board Committee.  (T. Ellis noted this committee functioning very well and expressed appreciation to this committee’s members for their service.)
-- Admissions & Academic Standing Committee (Appeals)
-- Academic Program Review Committee.  (M. Leiter noted that most first year students take the optional grammar test.  This test allows this committee to track progress, or lack of it, in areas of literacy.  This information is an aid in developing such courses as English, Communication, and writing in general.) 
-- Timetable, Instruction Hours, and Examinations Committee
-- Curriculum Committee
-- By-Laws Committee (APPENDIX B)
-- Nominating Committee (APPENDIX C) 
-- Library Committee (APPENDIX D)
-- Research & Graduate Studies Committee (APPENDIX E)
-- Honorary Degree Committee (APPENDIX F)
-- Board of Continuing and Distance Education (APPENDIX G)

The Chair noted that reports were not received from the Academic Discipline Appeals Committee, Admission & Academic Standing (Policy) Committee, Archives Committee, Executive Committee, and Faculty Development Committee.  These committees did not meet this past academic year.  The Scholarship, Prizes and Awards Committee present their report each September.

In reply to a question from the floor, the Chair reminded Senators that the Faculty Development Committee was reviewed by the Senate By-Laws Committee in September 2000; it was determined to be potentially useful and not to be disbanded at that time.  However, since then it has continued to be inactive.  He therefore requested that the By-Laws Committee again consider the advisability of continuing to maintain the FDC as a standing committee of Senate.


  d) Task Force on Academic 
      Integrity Report 
It was moved by J. Dewolfe and seconded by G. Ness that the Task Force on Academic Integrity Reported dated May 2003 be accepted.

It was agreed to deal with the recommendations of this report individually. 

The Chair of this committee, J. Dewolfe asked that an addition to those listed as members be made:  “Rosemary Jotcham – Acting University Registrar”.  She thanked individual members of this committee for their long hours and service to this task and outlined the volume of material covered by this committee during eleven meetings.  She said that this Report is an initial recommendation for Senate’s consideration; many items in it are referred to a standing committee to deal with in the long-term, some of which require a budget.  Other recommendations are referred to the University Administration for consideration.  She closed by reviewing the format of the report.

In reply to questions from the floor, J. Dewolfe confirmed 1) this committee looked at the current policy on plagiarism as stated in the University calendar and it was felt this definition must be improved;  2) survey responses were obtained from students and faculty, which indicated that students did not have a good understanding of plagiarism.  It also showed procedure for handling plagiarism varied between departments; 3) amongst other universities there is a variety of methods being used for this issue, which Acadia could benefit by investigating; 4) the survey done was not a good indication of the level of the problem at Acadia, except that it is serious; 5) students are not well educated in the seriousness of plagiarism or in the need for academic integrity; 6) plagiarism seemed more prevalent in the area of assignments than examinations; 7) survey results will be available for Senators to view. 

  I. Wilks stated the report as presented would be considered by section beginning with the preamble (pp. 1-3).

The format of the report was changed for clarity.  Under TASK FORCE ACTIVITIES, the following sections will appear as bulleted subtitles of this section:  Survey of Faculty, Student Survey, and Analysis Of Current Policies/Survey Of Other Institutions.

J. Dewolfe said that Acadia’s current academic integrity policies and procedures were compared with those of other institutions; the Task Force discovered much room for improvement and many different options to consider.  As it is now, many departments follow their own procedure, whereas a standard policy and set of procedures across the University is necessary. 

M. Leiter noted that although Acadia has general academic integrity policies and procedures in place, specific steps for carrying out some of these policies and procedures need to be defined.

  The Chair asked Senators to consider the section on recommendations. 

A friendly amendment was accepted to change the wording of the first recommendation entitled “Writing Center” to read: 
“That Acadia University establish a writing center within the academic sector to assist students in understanding the parameters of plagiarism, and to avoid academic dishonesty".

Much discussion was held regarding the usefulness of a writing center in this task of educating students on academic integrity.  As well, the establishment of such a center will require funds.  This resource will also help to promote literacy among students.

It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by A. Mitchell that “writing center” be replaced with “mechanism”. 

A. Mitchell commented that the mandate of this task force was to examine the nature and magnitude of the threats to academic integrity and to make recommendations to deal with the issue.  It was never the intent that it would become part of a larger debate about improving literacy on campus.


It was agreed to change the subtitle of this recommendation to Student Education.

  Discussion continued on the next recommendation under the subtitle Central Registry.  The issue of privacy concerned some Senators.  Initial warning to a student would be listed in the Registrar’s office, but not available to faculty; nonetheless,  it was thought unfair to put a student on a list only for a suspected incident.  The current procedures put a student on the list only after receiving a penalty. 

J. Dewolfe responded that it is to the advantage of faculty to know if a student is a repeat offender.  The recommendation allows faculty to track incidents and recognize a student who has a problem.  The current system is not being used properly, because faculty are not reporting to the Registrar.  Therefore information on repeat offenders is not available to faculty.  She felt this reporting process should be in place for September.

Task Force member G. Ness noted that this recommendation was drawn up after considering the results of the survey from faculty.

R. Jotcham said that if the proper process was known and used, perhaps the use of a central registry would be beneficial.  The current registry is used if an academic unit determines that an offence has occurred and has given a penalty for that offence.

It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by B. Matthews that the recommendation under Central Registry in this report be amended to read “That faculty members be required to report within one week of a decision, all penalties including warnings, for plagiarism and cheating, to the Registrar’s Office, which then will forward the information to the Head/Director of the academic unit responsible for the student.

M. Leiter reminded Senators that a Faculty Member or Department Head also may appeal a decision.

N. Van Wagoner felt the details of these recommendations in the report should be deferred to the standing committee. 

It was moved by J. Davis and seconded by B. Matthews that this sub-amendment be amended by removing the phrase “including warnings”. 


It was moved by B. Matthews and seconded by S. Ash that the amendment be amended by removing the phrase “which then will forward the information to the Head/Director of the academic unit responsible for the student”. 

C. MacLatchy felt if this clause remained in the recommendation, it gave the Head/Director the possibility to give some remedial action or counselling to the student involved.

J. Slights felt there is too much variance in the procedure throughout units on campus and there is no guidance for faculty to handle such incidents. 

Other Senators felt the amount of paperwork involved in reporting such cases would be excessive. 



It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by N. Van Wagoner that the Report be amended with the removal of the recommendation under Central Registry.


Under recommendation entitled Centre for Academic Integrity the following was added to the first line after the first word:  “That the Vice-President (Academic) consider having Acadia....”
Under recommendation entitled Additional Proctoring the following was added to the first line after the first word:  “That the Vice-President (Academic) consider making additional resources....”
Under recommendation entitled Use of ID’s the following was added to the first line to read:  “and display their photo ID’s during tests or examinations.”
It was moved by D. Duke and seconded by W. McLeod that the composition of the Standing Committee be amended to read “It is proposed that this standing committee be composed of eight members:  one from each of the Library, Registrar’s Office, the Student body, the Department of Distance and Continuing Education, and one member of each of the four faculties.


Members of the Task Force emphasized that the process of dealing with this issue is ongoing.  As noted while investigating other institutions, it takes years to get a handle on firm policy and procedures.  It will be a long-term project.


The Senate Chair directed the By-laws Committee to look at this report and finalize details (quorum, duration of appointment, mandate of this committee, etc.) for creating a Senate Standing Committee on Academic Integrity based on the recommendations listed on pp. 4 and 5.  He asked they report back to Senate as early as possible in the Autumn.

The Chair also expressed thanks and appreciation to the members of this Task Force on Academic Integrity for their time and energy in completing this project. 

6) Other Business
   a) Research & Graduate 
      Studies-Research Ethics 
      Board Membership


It was moved by T. Ellis and seconded by C. MacLatchy that on behalf of the Senate Committee on Research and Graduate Studies, Melissa McGonnell be nominated as the graduate student representative (non-voting) on the Research Ethics Board, for a one year term ending June 30, 2004.

The Chair called for nominations three times and hearing none, declared that nominations were closed.


   b) School of Music-Program 
      Name Change 
It was moved by B. Matthews and seconded by C. MacLatchy that the Bachelor of Music with concentration in Music Therapy degree program be re-named Bachelor of Music Therapy (APPENDIX H).


   c) Divinity College-Notice 
      of Motion re Semester 
      Change (023-86-DIV)
From the Senate of Acadia Divinity College, Notice of Motion was given as follows:  That Acadia Divinity College return to the same two semester academic calendar that is used by Acadia University by the beginning of the fall term in 2004.
The Chair expressed appreciation and thanks to the Senate Secretariat for the many task they have performed this year on Senate's behalf.
7) Adjournment C. MacLatchy moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was 
12:16 p.m.
D. Murphy, Recording Secretary


By-Laws Committee
Annual Report to Senate
May 7, 2003

Committee Membership:
Patricia Corkum, Andrew Mitchell, Thomas Voss

The Committee met several times over the recent year.

Motions were submitted to Senate in respect to the following matters:

Notice of Motion Process for amendments to the Senate By-Laws (023-01-LAW)

Membership of the Senate Library Committee (023-09-LAW)

Duties of the Faculty Elections Officer (023-17-LAW)

The Committee intends to meet in May and/or June to review the By-Laws of the Senate, Faculty, and Faculty Councils.  Recommendations for any changes or additions will be made for the September meeting of Senate.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Corkum, Chair
Senate By-Laws Committee

Nominating Committee
Annual Report to Senate
May 7, 2003

Committee Membership:
Tom Archibald, Scott Colwell, Patricia Corkum, Antonio Franceschet, Kelvin Ogilvie (non-voting), Daniel Silver, Jessica Slights

The Committee met several times over the recent year and carried out its duties in accordance with Section VIII (b) ii of The Constitution and By-Laws of the Senate of Acadia University (as amended 16 September 2002).

Nominations were submitted to Senate to fill the following:

Positions on the Task Force on Academic Integrity (023-07-NOM)
Chair of the Senate Library Committee (023-08-NOM)
Senate Committee Vacancies (023-78-NOM)

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Corkum, Chair
Senate Nominating Committee


Annual Report of the Senate Library Committee

After some delays with the appointment of new members, the newly constituted Senate Library Committee began its work in February, 2003. Since then, the Committee has met twice. At the beginning of each meeting, the Committee members have a brief tour of a unit of the Library, to gain a better understanding of the workings of the facility.

The first major undertaking of the Committee is the development of a Library Collections Policy. The Library staff will provide comprehensive input into its development. After a full review by the Committee, the document will be made available to the University community for comment.

The Committee has also spent some time discussing the Library budget, recognizing that the Committee should play an advocacy role in supporting requests for budget modification.

Respectfully submitted

Barry Moody, Chair

Membership of SLC:

Chair: Barry Moody (History)
Faculty of Arts: Paula Chegwidden (Sociology)
            Patricia Rigg (English)
Faculty of Prof.Studies: Mohammed Al-Waqfi (Business Admin)
         Patrick Lahey (Communications)
Faculty of Pure & Applied Sci.: Nancy Clarke (Maths and Stats)
       Rob Raeside (Geology)
Faculty of Theology: _____________
University Librarian: Sara Lochhead
Librarian: Erin Patterson
Vice-President (Academic) of the Students Council: Jeff Britton
Undergraduate student: Jess Clemons
Graduate student: Tonny Gadagbui

Senate Committee on Research and Graduate Studies

Annual Report for 2002-2003

Committee Members:
Dr. Cyrus MacLatchy (Chair from Sept ’02-Dec ’02)
Dr. Thomas Ellis (Chair from Jan ’03)
Dr. John Eustace (Faculty Representative, Arts replaced Dr. Morrison for ½ term)
Dr. Robert Morrison (Faculty Representative, Arts Jan ’03)
Dr. Paul Abela (Faculty Representative, Arts)
Dr. John Colton (Faculty Representative, Professional Studies)
Dr. Susan Markham-Starr (Faculty Representative, Professional Studies)
Dr. Sandra Barr (Faculty Representative, Pure and Applied Sciences)
Dr. Diane Holmberg (Faculty Representative, Pure and Applied Sciences)
Ms. Ivana Kutni (Graduate Student Representative, Professional Studies)
Ms. Mandy York (Graduate Student Representative, Pure and Applied Sciences)
Ms. Alicia Stevens (Graduate Student Representative, Arts)
Ms. Amy Zwicker, (Honours Student Representative)

The SCRGS met on 4 occasions during the period of this report: 1 October 2002, 7 November 2002, 28 November 2002, 30 January 2003.

Summary of Activities:

1) In the Fall of 2002, a Student Awards Subcommittee was formed. The committee agreed that Dr. Eustace (Dr. Morrison), Dr. Holmberg and Dr. Colton would serve on this committee.
2) The Student Awards Subcommittee supervised the awarding of the Governor General’s medal for graduate studies for the fall 2002 convocation and the spring 2003 convocation. Melanie Parkin (MSc. Psychology) and Karla Henderson (M.A.. Sociology) were the winners of the award respectively.
3) New courses and program changes were reviewed by the SCRGS before being sent on to the University Curriculum Committee. These changes came from the following departments: Computer Science (COMP 5970, 5923, 5013, 5023, 5033, 5113, 5123, 5133, 5213, 5223, 5233), Education (EDUC 5713), and Mathematics and Statistics (MATH 5223, 5233, 5243, 5333, 5423, 5513, 5523, 5553, 5613, 5623, 5733, 5753, 5763, 5810, 5823, 5863, 5883, 5960).
4) The SCRGS welcomed the new Dean of Research and Graduate Studies to campus in January 2003.
5) The SCRGS recommended the re-appointment of Stephen Maitzen as Chair of the Research Ethics Board for another three year term.
6) The Awards Subcommittee adjudicated the 2003 Summer Honours Research Awards.
7) TA Distribution – Jan ’03
The Dean explained his position on TA funding and his perception of the problems. He indicated status quo would be maintained for the 2003-2004 academic year. The SCRGS will have on-going discussion on this issue.

Respectfully submitted,

        (Original Signed)

Thomas Ellis
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies,
On behalf of the committee


Annual Report for 2002-2003

May 6, 2003

Committee Members 2002-2003
 Dr. Kelvin Ogilvie (Chair)
 Dr. Lee McDonald (for ADC submissions)
 Dr. Jonathon Fowles
 Dr. Wanda Campbell
 Ms. Janet Kirk
 Dr. Dan Toews

Purpose of Committee:
(1) Solicit and receive suggestions for honorary degrees from the University community and to make recommendations to the Senate for the award of honorary degrees;
(2) To receive, through the President, nominations for the appointment of “Professores Emeriti” and to make recommendations thereon to Senate.

Meetings 2002-2003
 September 16, 2002
 February 3, 2003

Agenda of Meetings:
1. Minutes of previous meetings or results of Senate votes on nominees
2. Consideration of Nominees
3. Adjournment

Summary of Committee Activities:
The Committee forwarded to Senate for a vote by secret ballot a total of eight
nominations which were all approved by Senate.

       Respectfully submitted by the Chair,

       Original Signed

       Kelvin K. Ogilvie
       President and Vice-Chancellor and
       Chair, Honorary Degrees Committee


May 7, 2003

Names of Board Members:
Dr. Michael Leiter, VP-Academic and Chair
Dr. Bruce Matthews, Dean of Arts
Dr. Cy MacLatchey, Dean of Science
Dr. Bill McLeod, Dean of Faculty of Professional Studies
Ms. Rosemary Jotcham, Registrar
Mr. Gary Draper, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Jeff Britton, Student Representative
Dr. Nancy Van Wagoner, Director, Continuing and Distance Education

The Board met two times during the 2002-03 academic year as follows:
March 6, 2003
March 25, 2003

Items Considered
1. The Board reviewed the financial statement and program summary for 01-02, and financial projections for 2002-03.
2. Intersession Tuition fees were discussed, and it was recommended that the University have one fee for intersession courses, rather than a separate fee for tuition and computer rental.
3. The English for Universities program was reviewed. The upper level of the program includes academic preparation (time management, study skills, research and report writing, and class discussion techniques). Enrolment increased from 124 session enrolments in 2001-02, to 202 in 2003-04. The EUP graduates performed well in academic programs. Those who finished EUP with a mark of 75% or greater had an average winter GPA of 3.2. Adequate space remains a challenge.
4. The Board reviewed position posting procedures to implement the First Part-Time Collective Agreement.
5. The Board approved a motion to change the dates for Spring session 2003 to May 11-28. This recommendation was forwarded to the TIE committee and then to Senate for approval.
6. The Board received the year-end report and financial projections for 2002-03, and program plan.
7. The Board approved the budget for 2003-04.

Submitted by: Nancy Van Wagoner


Submission to Senate from the School of Music re. the Bachelor of Music Therapy.

1. In the fall term of 2002, the School of Music submitted a proposal to the Arts Curriculum Committee for a program modification to the Bachelor of Music with concentration in Music Therapy. The modifications included curriculum revisions and a name change to Bachelor of Music Therapy. This submission was subsequently approved by the Arts Faculty Council and forwarded to the University Curriculum Committee.

2. At the December meeting with the UCC, School of Music representatives were told that the Bachelor of Music Therapy could not be presented to Senate because it had not been approved as a new program by the MPHEC. The UCC then forwarded to Senate the curriculum changes we had submitted as Bachelor of Music with concentration in Music Therapy. Senate approved this submission on February 10, 2003.

3. When the School of Music sought to make a proposal to the MPHEC for a Bachelor of Music Therapy program, we were informed by the registrar’s office that we could not do so since Senate had not approved this as a new program!

4. Upon advice and in order to resubmit the proposal to Senate in May, the School of Music resubmitted its proposal for a Bachelor of Music Therapy program to the Arts Curriculum Committee. This proposal was presented to the Arts Faculty Council and approved on April 16, 2003 and forwarded to the University Curriculum Committee on that date.

5.The UCC has not been able to meet before the May 7 Senate meeting.

6. In order to present the proposal for a Bachelor of Music Therapy to the MPHEC in a timely manner, the School of Music is asking Senate to approve re-naming the Bachelor of Music with concentration in Music Therapy as Bachelor of Music Therapy. Please note that the complete curriculum for this program was approved by Senate on February 10, 2003. This proposal seeks approval for a change of program name only.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hansen
Director, School of Music

May 06, 2003