Acadia University Senate

SENATE MEETING OF 13 January 2003

A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Monday, 13 January 2003, beginning at
4:05 p.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and  members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 9 December 2002

It was moved by N. Price and seconded by M. Leiter that the Minutes of Monday, 9 December 2002 be approved.


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

      -re Senate Membership



Regrets were received from J. Davies, D. Duke, G. Hepburn, S. Lochhead, and S. Phillips.

The Chair welcomed the newly appointed Dean of Research and Graduates, T. Ellis, to Senate.   He also noted that the Graduate Student Representative, M. West, has withdrawn from his studies at Acadia University and is no longer a member of Senate.

    b) From the President K. Ogilvie noted that the annual Christmas General Assembly in Wheelock Lounge was very successful. He announced that the McConnell Grant competition has been completed, and that offers will go out shortly to the three successful teams.  The calibre of all applications is a great credit to Acadia University.  The President closed by wishing Senators a very successful and happy new year in 2003.
    c) From the Vice-President 

M. Leiter also welcomed the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, T. Ellis.  He thanked those who participated in last term’s curriculum workshop and noted that discussion of curriculum reform continues. M. Leiter announced that the Teaching Innovation Fund Competition applications may be found at the VP(A) website.  He encouraged faculty to apply.
    d) From the Student Union 
       Vice-President (Academic)

J. Britton gave an update on the financial aid issue at Acadia University.  A committee has been stuck, has had three meetings to date, and has made good progress.  He also noted that decisions about the students’ Teaching Recognition Awards will soon be made, and will be celebrated at a special dinner, which all faculty are invited to attend.
 3) Business Arising from the 
   a) Vice-President (Academic) 
      - Annual Report for 2001-
        2002 (023-45-VPA)


It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by K. Ogilvie that the Vice-President (Academic) Annual Report for 2001-2002, as distributed at the December meeting of Senate, be received.

M. Leiter said that this report is intended to give a snapshot of the academic life of the University, both with respect to teaching and research.  Minor changes have been made and a final version may be found on the VPA website.


 4) New Business
   a) Registrar-Course Title 
      Changes for Education 


It was moved by H. Hemming and seconded by B. Matthews that the following title changes be accepted:
EDUC 5923 Seminar and Practicum in Leadership and School Development becomes
EDUC 5923 Seminar and Practicum in Organizational Leadership
EDUC 5943 Change and School Development becomes
EDUC 5943 Change Theory and the Learning Organization

H. Hemming noted these changes are to title only, not content.


   b) Acadia Divinity College-
      Course Title and Number 
      Changes (023-25-DIV)

R. Wilson said that the attachment to the agenda contains two items, which should be dealt with separately.

1.)  It was moved by R. Wilson and seconded by N. Price that the Clinical Training Courses be changed to Pastoral Care and Counselling as outlined in pages 1 and 2 Attachment 4)b) to today’s agenda.


2.)  It was moved by R. Wilson and seconded by N. Price that the course changes as listed on page 3 Attachment 4)b) to today’s agenda be accepted.


    c) Curriculum Committee-
      Courses Changes (023-26- 
      CRE to 023-41-CRE)


It was moved by C. MacLatchy and seconded by G. Ness that the Curriculum Committee Report, as attached to today’s agenda, be accepted.

M. Leiter expressed concern that courses are being added and none being deleted; this is problematic to students because it appears that we are offering more courses than is actually the case.  As well it can be a problem to departments -- especially due to sabbatical leaves, when budgets are strained to cover replacements for all courses.  Acadia University is in fact currently offering more courses than can be accommodated; therefore, courses should be deleted at the same rate they are added.  It would appear that this matter has not been taken into consideration in this report.  

It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by B. Matthews that this Senate Curriculum Committee Report be referred back to the Senate Curriculum Committee for reconsideration and change in light of the principle that for every course added another must be deleted.

G. Ness said that he in general supported the motion, but added that some courses cannot be deleted immediately, since some students may still need them in order to graduate.    

N. Price asked for clarification on the “principle” referred to in the motion.  The Chair said that it is an unwritten rule which has been used by the Curriculum Committee for many years.  

It was moved by N. Van Wagoner and seconded by P. Taylor that the motion be amended to read “That this Senate Curriculum Committee Report be referred back to the Senate Curriculum Committee for reconsideration and change. A comment must be supplied, indicating the capacity to offer new courses along with existing programs, if there are no corresponding course deletions.”

It was noted by several people that the existing motion already in effect requires provision of documented explanation from the Curriculum Committee. 


The registrar confirmed that the University Calendar printing deadline could still be met by bringing this report to the next meeting of the Senate and passing it then.

The Curriculum Committee, through the Registrar, was asked (i) to make changes to the application form so that departments making requests would be aware of this formality; (ii) to post the information on the appropriate website; and (iii) to bring a motion to the next meeting of Senate regarding the formalization of this principle.

Some Senators said that writing too much into a regulation would be counterproductive.  That the principle has been overlooked on this occasion is not a reason to have the Curriculum Committee set a regulation.  Also such a regulation may have the potential to seriously restrict the curricular creativity of academic units.

It was moved by J. DeWolfe and seconded by S. Markham-Starr that the last line of the motion be amended to read “in light of the principle that for every course added another should be deleted.”

K. Ogilvie shared past experiences with this issue.  He said that Senate has wisely refrained from setting rules for curriculum change.  On the other hand, the complaint from students that the courses they need are not offered is a common one.  We must phase out courses which have been replaced.  He agreed with the principle that the Curriculum Committee should be expected to provide an explanation of any cases where an addition is not accompanied by a deletion.



 5) Adjournment D. Brodeur moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was 5:15 p.m.

D. Murphy, Recording Secretary