Acadia University Senate


A meeting of the Senate of Acadia University occurred on Tuesday, 12 November 2002, beginning at
4:03 p.m. with Chair Ian Wilks presiding and  members present.
1) Minutes of the Meeting of 
 15 October 2002

It was moved by L. McDonald and seconded by B. Matthews that the Minutes of 15 October 2002 be approved.


2) Announcements and
   a) From the Chair
      -re Regrets

      -re Senate Membership



Regrets were received from A. Irving, S. Ash, J. Helms-Mills and N. Van Wagoner

The Chair introduced and welcomed J. Kirk to Senate as a Board of Governors representative.

    b) From the President K. Ogilvie informed Senators that the Nova Scotia Discovery Center, which promotes the recognition and popularisation of science, has created a series of awards to recognize outstanding achievement by scientists in Nova Scotia.  Four of the six winners had Acadia connections – such as Acadia faculty members G. Daborn and S. Roscoe. He reported that at the last Board of Governors’ meeting, a letter from the Chair of Senate requesting the BOG strike a committee to investigate financial accessibility at Acadia was received and dealt with.  A committee has been struck, and will report to the BOG at the February 2003 meeting.  Membership of this committee will be: P. Cook, as chair; M. Leiter; G. Draper; P. Cabilio; P. Corkum; M. Marin; and L. Turner.  He closed by sharing a story with Senate regarding an ethical decision on the part of two AU business students.  In the annual Grant Thornton Accounting Case Competition, Amanda Vella and Christopher Graham withdrew when the case they were handed turned out to be the same one they used for practice in preparing for the competition.
    c) From the Vice-President 

M. Leiter announced that K. Ogilvie has been inducted into the Discovery Awards for Science and Technology Hall of Fame.  He further announced that the Academic Planning Sector Committee is planning a broad-based discussion of curriculum issues, to begin on 29 November.  He closed by noting that the VP’s Annual Report will be available at the December meeting of Senate. 
    d) From the President, Student 
      Representative Council

M. Peddle notified Senators that the Acadia Students will hold a rally on 13 November to demonstrate concern for the treatment of ASU representatives at the recent BOG meeting.
 3) Business Arising from the 
   a) By-Laws Committee - 
      Faculty Elections Officers


A notice of motion was handed out with respect to the Senate Constitution and By-Laws, Section VIII (q) ii, regarding the duties of the Faculty Elections Officer: 

After consultation with various parties, a review of the current Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors and the Acadia University Faculty Association, the Faculty Constitutions and the Senate By-Laws, we move that By-Law VIII (q) ii) be amended as follows (amendments highlighted in bold):

The duties of the Faculty Elections Officer shall be:

-- to conduct, annually, the election of Faculty representatives on the
   Sabbatical Leave Committee. (The terms and conditions of the 
    prevailing Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors 
   and the Acadia University Faculty Association shall determine the 
   eligibility for  membership on the Sabbatical Leave  Committee).

-- to ensure that each of the Faculty Councils elect  two 
   representatives to the University Review Committee. (The terms 
   and conditions of the prevailing Collective Agreement between the 
   Board of Governors and the Acadia  University Faculty Association 
   shall determine the eligibility for   membership on the University 
   Review Committee).

 -- to ensure that each of the Faculty Councils elect a representative to 
   the Board of Governors.  (All members of Faculty shall be eligible to 
   serve on  the Board of  Governors except those who, in any capacity, 
   regularly  attend meetings of the Board of Governors, including the 
   Executive  Committee of the Board.)

-- to conduct other elections as may from time to time be referred to the
   Faculty Elections Officer.

 4) New Business
   a) Faculty of Theology-Bethel 
      Seminary of Hong Kong 


It was moved by L. McDonald and seconded by B. Matthews that Bethel Seminary of Hong Kong be approved to add a specialization in Christian Education in its Master of Divinity Program which would parallel the specialization in Christian Education offered at Acadia Divinity College as outlined in an attachment to today's agenda.


   b) Faculty of Theology- 
      Faculté de Théologie 
      Évangélique at Maître en 
      Théologie (023-12-DIV)


It was moved by L. McDonald and seconded by B. Matthews that the Maître en Théologie at Faculté de Théologie Évangélique, Montreal be allowed in two modes: one with a thesis and one without a thesis as outlined in an attachment to today's agenda.


    c) Faculty of Theology-Course 
      Addition of INTE 3033 
It was moved by L. McDonald and seconded by B. Matthews that INTE 3033 Integration Seminar be added to the courses offered in the Bachelor of Theology Program as outlined in an attachment to today's agenda.


    d) Vice-President (Academic)-
      Suspension of Fall 
      Convocation (023-14-CON)
It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by T. Archibald that, further to the notice of motion circulated with today's agenda, Acadia University hold one convocation each year in May, continuing the present practice of three ceremonies.  It is proposed that the fall convocation ceremony be suspended.

To accommodate students who complete their degree requirements between May and September and do not wish to wait until the following May to receive their degrees, Senate would approve the awarding of those degrees at its October meeting, i.e. students could choose to graduate with no ceremony in October or to graduate in May and participate in convocation ceremonies.

As is the usual practice, the Registrar can provide a letter to students who have completed their course work noting that they have completed their requirement and that their name will be recommended to Senate for the awarding of the degree at the next convocation.

Graduate students who choose to receive their degree in October would be considered along with the May graduates for the Governor General's Gold Medal.

M. Leiter spoke to this motion, noting that convocation is an important and special event in the lives of graduating students and a big part of this is the gathering of the University community to celebrate with the graduates; however, the Fall Convocation at Acadia is not well-attended.  Attendance was 49% of students eligible to graduate and 10% of faculty at AU.  At the Spring Convocation attendance was 90+% of eligible students and 60% of faculty.  If this motion is passed, it is hoped that some features of Fall Convocation, such as the singing of the Alma Mater by the University Chorus, could be carried over to the Spring Convocation.

In response to this motion, the view was expressed that Fall Convocation suffered when Homecoming was separated from this event.

In reply to a question from the floor regarding the absence of an honorary degree presentation at the most recent Fall Convocation, K. Ogilvie replied that those approached were not available in October.


    e) Research Ethics Board-
      Membership 2003-2006 
It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by D. Duke that the nomination of Peter Nathanson to serve a second three-year term, ending 31 December 2005, on the Research Ethics Board of Acadia University as a Community Member be accepted by Senate.

The Chair called for further nominations three times and, hearing none, declared that nominations were closed


The Chair declared Peter Nathanson elected by acclamation to a further term on the REB.

    f) Registrar-Course Title and 
      Number Change for 
      Economics and Nutrition 


It was moved by M. Leiter and seconded by J. Davies that the following title and number changes be accepted:
ECON 4213 Economic Growth
ECON 4213 Development Economics

FOOD 4713 Food Product Development
NUTR 4733 Food Product Development

J. Cayford reminded Senators that this motion did not come from the Curriculum Committee; since it involves only title and number changes, it can be brought directly to Senate for approval.


5) Adjournment N. Price moved that the meeting be adjourned.  It was 4:40 p.m.

D. Murphy, Recording Secretary