Acadia University Senate


31 August 2005
Dear Member of Senate:
I advise you that a meeting of the Senate of Acadia University will occur at 4:00 p.m., Monday, 12  September 2005 in Room 132 of the Beveridge Arts Centre.  The AGENDA follows:
1)      Minutes of the Meeting of 13 June 2005
2)      Announcements and  Communications
3)      Business Arising from the Minutes
         a)      2004-2005 Annual Report from Senate Committees (045-46-REP)
                  i)       Honorary Degrees (also attached to June 05 Agenda) *
                  ii)      Library (also handed out at the June 05 meeting) *
                  iii)      Executive (also handed out at the June 05 meeting) *
                  iv)     Academic Integrity *
                  v)      Curriculum *
         b)      Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities (045-52-TIE)       
4)      New Business
         a)      Integrity with regard to students with learning disabilities at Acadia
                  (056-01-INT) *
         b)      TIE - Explanation of Teaching Hours Guidelines for Intersession Courses
                  (056-02-TIE) *
         c)      Curriculum Committee - Certificate of French Proficiency (056-03-CRE) *
5)      Other Business
Yours sincerely,
Rosemary Jotcham
Registrar and Secretary of Senate
* Material Attached

Attachment 3)a)i)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
Annual Report for 2004-2005
December 22, 2004
Committee Members 2004-2005
            Dr. Gail Dinter-Gottlieb (Chair)
            Dr. Robert Wilson (Acadia Divinity College)
            Dr. John Colton, Professional Studies Representative
Dr. Dan Toews, Faculty of Science Representative
Dr. Gregory Pyrcz, Faculty of Arts Representative
Mr. Patrick LeGay, Acadia Student’s Union Representative
Ms. Alecia Tucker, Recording Secretary
Mr. Andrew Smith, Board of Governors
Purpose of Committee:
(1)               Solicit and receive suggestions for honorary degrees from the University community and to make recommendations to the Senate for the award of honorary degrees;
(2)               To receive, through the President, nominations for the appointment of “Professores Emeriti” and to make recommendations thereon to Senate.
Meetings 2004-2005
            December 10, 2004
            February 17, 2005
Agenda of Meetings:
  1. Minutes of previous meetings or results of Senate votes on nominees
  2. Consideration of Nominees
  3. Review and update criteria and procedures for nomination of Professors Emeriti
  4. Adjournment
Summary of Committee Activities:
The Committee forwarded to Senate for a vote by secret ballot a total of ten honorary degree nominations of which nine honorary degree received approval by Senate.  The Committee forwarded to Senate for a vote a revised document to clarify the procedures and criteria for nominations of Professores Emeritus.
                                                                                    Respectfully submitted by the Chair,
                                                                                    Gail Dinter-Gottlieb
                                                                                    President and Vice-Chancellor and
                                                                                    Chair, Honorary Degrees Committee

Attachment 3)a)ii)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
 Annual Report of the Senate Library Committee
13 June 2005
The Senate Library Committee held no meetings during the past year.
                                                                        Barry Moody, Chair

Attachment 3)a)iv)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
Report to Senate from the Academic Integrity Committee
The Committee met on three occasions during the academic year to discuss the dissemination of information about the importance of academic integrity to the Acadia University community.
The Registrar spoke to new members of faculty about the academic integrity policies at Acadia and the importance of stressing appropriate conduct to all their students as part of their course outlines.
A website is nearing completion and should be launched in the fall of 2005.
An article was published in the April 14, 2005 issue of the Athenaeum. It dealt with a specific case of academic misconduct at Acadia and the consequences of that for the students involved and the rest of the Acadia academic community. 
The Registrar is maintaining a list of students who have committed academic integrity offences. Forty-one individuals were added to the list during the academic year.
Respectfully submitted,
Rosemary Jotcham
Committee Chair

Attachment 3)a)v)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
Report to Senate from the Curriculum Committee
The curriculum committee considered 116 curriculum changes from 15 academic units on campus during the 2004/5 academic year.
New program approved: 2
Program modified: 17
Program deleted: 1
New courses approved: 23
Courses deleted: 20
Courses modified: 52
Following is a summary of the type and number of course modifications:
Change in course weight: 3
Change in course description: 24
Change in academic level: 5
Change in course delivery: 2
Change in course title: 16
Change in course number: 2
One new program was sent back to the unit for further information.
Specifics regarding the course and program changes that were approved appear in the minutes of the December 2004, January 2005 and February 2005 Senate meetings. 
Respectfully submitted,
Rosemary Jotcham
Committee Chair 

Attachment 4)a)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
It is moved that the Academic Integrity committee examine issues of integrity with regard to students with learning disabilities at Acadia. In particular, the mandate of the committee will be to examine recommendations made by the Senate Timetable, Instruction and Examination committee in light of information on current procedure brought forward to Senate by the Coordinator of Academic Support Programs. In making its recommendations and to ensure fairness, the Academic Integrity must take advice from the Equity officer as well as the Coordinator of Academic Support Programs. It will present its report to Senate by the end of February 2006.

Attachment 4)b)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
TIE Committee explanation of teaching hours guidelines for intersession courses:
Each 3 credit hour course within the intersession consists of 36 contact hours between instructor and students.  These hours may be spread among the available times as the instructor sees fit.  If there is an option for more than 36 hours the instructor may, for example, choose to meet with the class for fewer hours each day or insert a study day into the schedule.
Students should be notified of the meeting schedule as part of the course outline at the beginning of the course.

Attachment 4)c)
Senate Agenda/12Sep05
The Senate Curriculum Committee requests that the following proposal be considered by Senate.
Rosemary Jotcham, Committee Chair
Certificate of French Proficiency (with an option for French Teachers)
Students entering the program will take a placement test to determine the level of entry into the program.  Students with an intermediate knowledge of French will start with 1213, 1223. Students with an advanced knowledge of French will start with French 2013, 2023.  In exceptional cases, students with little or no knowledge of French may be placed in French 1113, 1123 (true beginners). Students must complete French 3733 or 3523 to achieve the Certificate. Advanced students may in some cases receive permission to substitute higher-level courses for certain requirements.  
Required  (21 to 39 hours, depending on the level of the student) Electives (chosen among the following):