Acadia University Senate


30 November 2005

Dear Member of Senate:
I advise you that a meeting of the Senate of Acadia University will occur at 4:00 p.m., Monday, 12 December 2005 in Room 132 of the Beveridge Arts Centre.  The AGENDA follows:
1)      Minutes of the Special Meeting of 21 November 2005
2)      Announcements and  Communications
3)      Business Arising from the Minutes
         a) Vice-President (Academic) - Senate Standing Committees & Committee Chairs                                    
             as per November minutes (056-14-VPA)  *
         b) Vice-President (Academic) - Ad hoc Senate Committee on Proposed Strategic
             Plan (056-18-ASP)
         c) Academic Integrity Committee - Integrity & Students with Learning Disabilities                   
             as per minutes of 11Oct05 (056-01-INT)
4)      New Business
         a) Research Ethics Board - Membership (056-19-REB) *
         b) Honorary Degree Committee - Honorary Degree Nominations (056-20-HOD)
         c) Honorary Degree Committee - Professors Emeriti: Procedures and Criteria
            (045-21-HOD) *
5)      Other Business
Yours sincerely,
Rosemary Jotcham
Registrar and Secretary of Senate
Attachment 3)a)
Senate Agenda/12Dec05
Senate Standing Committee Chairs
Whereas Senate recognizes the importance of enhancing faculty involvement in the decision-making process for academic policy of Acadia, Be It Resolved that henceforward the following four Senate Standing Committees will have a faculty member instead of the Registrar as its chair: the Curriculum Committee, the TIE Committee, the Hounours Committee and the Academic Integrity Committee. 
Attachment 4)a)
Senate Agenda/12Dec05
25 November 2005
It is moved that Peter Nathanson be appointed to a second three year term as community representative on the Research Ethics Board, effective 1 January 2006.
Wendy Bedingfield
Acting Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

 Attachment 4)c)
Senate Agenda/12Dec05
Professors Emeriti: Procedures and Criteria
“Professor Emeritus” is an honour to be conferred upon a retiring or recently retired faculty member by majority (secret) vote of Senators upon the recommendation of the Senate Honorary Degree Committee.
The committee is to consider nominations from either a Department or a Dean.
Nominations will be received by the Committee during the final year of the faculty member’s appointment to the university, or for three years after the date of their retirement.
Where a Department/School decides that they wish to nominate a retiring or recently retired member of Faculty, the Head/Director is to inquire of the member whether s/he wishes so to be considered.
Where a Dean believes that there is compelling reason for submitting a nomination from his or her Office, the Dean is to inquire of the faculty member whether s/he wishes to be so considered, and the procedures for submitting the dossier and the nomination are the same as those indicated below.  Such nominations should have the support of the majority of the department.
Where a faculty member agrees to let her or his name stand, s/he is to provide a dossier, including a C.V. and other supporting documentation, for consideration by the committee.  Said dossier is to be forwarded to the recording secretary of the committee, with the nomination of the Department (or Dean), no later than November 15th.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to insure that the dossier is complete and submitted in advance of that date. 
Faculty members upon whom Senate confers such honour are to have their names listed as recipients in the record of the convocation subsequent to Senate’s decision.
The criteria to be employed by the committee and Senate, in considering nominations to confer the standing of Professor Emeritus and Librarian Emeritus are as follows:
The standing of Professor Emeritus is to be conferred to those retiring/retired faculty members who, in the judgment of Senate, have displayed continuing excellence in teaching, research, and service, beyond that associated with promotion to full professor, and including national and/or international recognition
The standing of Librarian Emeritus is to be conferred to those retiring/retired librarians who, in the judgment of Senate, have displayed continuing excellence in their performance as a librarian, in research and in service to Acadia and to the profession, beyond that associated with promotion to Librarian IV, and including national and/or international recognition.