Acadia University Senate

SENATE AGENDA FOR 9 December 2002

November 29, 2002

Dear Member of Senate:

I advise you that a meeting of the Senate of Acadia University will occur at 4:00 p.m., Monday, 9 December 2002, in Room 132 of the Beveridge Arts Centre.  The AGENDA follows:
1) Minutes of the meeting of 12 November 2002

2) Announcements and Communications

3) Business Arising from the Minutes
 a) By-Laws Committee – Terms of Reference Item VIII (q) of Senate Constitution
           & By-Laws – Faculty Elections Officers (023-17-LAW)
4) New Business
 a) Registrar – Course Title and Number Change for Biology and Nutrition
  (023-18-REG) *
 b) Annual Report – Scholarships, Prizes and Awards Committee – 2001-2002
  (023-19-REP) *
 c) TIE Committee – 2003-04 Calendar Dates (023-20-TIE) *
 d) Registrar – Course Title and Number Change for Music (023-21-REG) *

5) Other business

Yours sincerely

Jane Cayford
Registrar and Secretary of Senate

* Material Attached

Items Carried Over
 - Report from Task Force on Academic Integrity for February 2003

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Senate Agenda/9Dec02

Notice from the Registrar

Change in course title:

Food 3543 Food Microbiology and
Biol 3543 Food Microbiology

Will be renumbered to:

Nutr 3563 Food Microbiology
[This course can count as a biology course for that major]

November 2002

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Senate Agenda/9Dec02


REPORT DATE: November 19, 2002


July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002

Faculty of Arts:
  Robert Perrins
  Thomas Voss
  Stephen Sansonetti (student rep)

Faculty of Professional Studies:
  Paul Heintzman
  Walter Isenor (Committee Chairperson)
  Laura Caldwell (student rep)

Faculty of Pure and Applied Science:
  Andrew Mitchell
  Paul Cabilio
  Ricky Roy (student rep)

  Paula Cook - Provost
  Pamela D'Entremont – Financial Aid (Committee Secretary)

July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003

Committee members will be the same as those indicated above with the following exception:
Christoph Both will be replacing Robert Perrins
Bernard Delpeche will be replacing Thomas Voss
Jeff Britton will be replacing Laura Caldwell
Michael Marin will be replacing Ricky Roy


1. to determine how winners of scholarships, prizes and awards are to be selected and to gather all information it considers          necessary for the selection;
2. to select the winners of all undergraduate scholarships, prizes and awards;
3. to periodically investigate the scholarships, prizes and awards program and to recommend improvements (increased funds, new scholarships, more prizes, etc.) to those involved in the          program;
4. to promote interest in the scholarship program by posters,       letters and other means;

5. to consider such other matters as the Senate may from time to time entrust to the Committee.

Page 2/Attachment 4)b)
Senate Agenda/9Dec02


November 30, 2001
January 25, 2002
April 6, 2002


The following represents the main agenda topics:

1. Entrance Scholarship Acceptance Results
The acceptance results of the scholarship packages offered to 2001 entrance students were reviewed.

2. Monies Available for Scholarships
The amount of funds available for scholarships was reviewed.  It was moved that a recommendation to the Chair of the Board of Governors be made for a substantial increase in the amount of money available from endowment for scholarships, prizes and awards for 2002-2003 and that this money be administered by the Committee.

3. Deans’ List Scholarships
The amount of scholarship monies provided to Deans’ List students and the process of award was reviewed.

4. Review of Entrance Scholarship Selection Process
The process used by the Committee to select students being considered for entrance scholarships was reviewed but no changes were made. The top 200 applications were individually reviewed and scored by the Committee.

5. Review of Scholarship Ceilings
The scholarship ceilings were reviewed.  No changes were made.

6.  Awarding of 2002 Entrance Scholarships
Approximately $458,430(represents first year value. The total program value would be $853,230) in entrance scholarships were offered based upon selection procedures agreed upon by the Committee. The Committee assumed an acceptance rate of approximately 50% based on prior years’ experience. An additional $198,537(represents first year value. The total program value would be $247,537) in departmental scholarships, scholar-bursaries, and awards were offered as well.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela D'Entremont

Page 1/Attachment 4)c)
Senate Agenda/9Dec02

2003-2004 Calendar Dates

July 7 Classes begin - Intersession 2 (summer)
July 9 Last day for course additions
Aug 15 Examinations -Intersession 2

July 18 Last day to request oral defence of masters theses
Aug 15 Last day to apply to graduate at fall convocation

Aug 28 - 30 International Student Orientation
Aug 30 Residences open - new students

Sept 1 Residences open - returning students
August 22 Last day for masters’ oral exams for fall convocation
Sept 3 (Wednesday) Classes begin - fall term
Sept 2 Registration - graduate students
Sept 9 Fee deadline
Sept 12 Last day for course additions
Sept 15 Honours theses deadline for fall convocation
Sept 30 Last day to opt out of Health Plan or add dependents

Oct 2 Deadline for approved masters’ theses for fall convocation
Oct 6 Last day to receive completed honours theses for fall convocation

Oct 13 Thanksgiving Day - no classes
Oct 14 Senate meeting to approve fall graduates
Oct 18 Homecoming
Oct 29 Last day to drop first term 3h courses without academic penalty

Nov 11 Remembrance Day Holiday – no classes

Dec 2 Last day of classes before exams for all other programs
Dec 3 - 4 Study days
Dec 5 Examinations begin - fall term
Dec 10 Last day to apply to graduate for Spring 2003
Dec 17 Last day of examinations - fall term
Dec 19 Residences close
Dec 19 Last day of practicum for BEd students

Jan 2 - 3 International student orientation
Jan 4 Residences open
Jan 5 Classes begin - winter term
Jan 9 Fee deadline
Jan 14 Last day for course additions
Jan 14 Last day to drop full year courses without academic penalty
Jan 30 Last date to decrease a meal plan

Feb 16 - 20 Study week

March 2 Last day to drop winter term courses without academic penalty
March 11 Last day to request oral defence of masters theses
March 24 Honours theses deadline for spring convocation

April 8 Last day of classes before exams for all other programs
April 9  Good Friday holiday
April 10-11 Study days
April 12 Last day for masters’ oral examinations

Page 2/Attachment 4)c)
Senate Agenda/9Dec02

April 13 Winter term examinations start
April 16 Deadline for registration for spring courses
April 22 Deadline for approved masters’ theses for spring convocation
April 23 Last day of practicum for BEd students
April 26 Last day of examinations - winter term
April 26 Last day to receive completed honours thesis for spring convocation
April 27 Residences close

May 3 Classes begin – Intersession 1
May 10 Baccalaureate service
May 10,11 Spring Convocation
May 24 Victoria Day, no classes

June 11 Examinations - Intersession 1 (spring)
June 18 Deadline for registration for summer courses

July 5 Classes start - Intersession 2 (summer)
Aug 13 Examinations - Intersession 2 (summer)

Attachment 4)d)
Senate Agenda/9Dec02


Notice from the Registrar

Changes to course titles in the School of Music

Musi 1112 Practical Skills in Music 1 becomes
Musi 1112 Musicianship 1

Musi 1122 Practical Skills in Music 2 becomes
Musi 1122 Musicianship 2

Musi 1133 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 1 becomes
Musi 1133 Music Theory 1

Musi 1143 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 2 becomes
Musi 1143 Music Theory 2

Musi 2133 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 3 becomes
Musi 2133 Music Theory 3

Musi 2143 Harmonic Materials of Tonal Music 4 becomes
Musi 2143 Music Theory 4

November 2002