Acadia University Senate

SENATE AGENDA FOR 12 November 2002

October 30, 2002

Dear Member of Senate:

I advise you that a meeting of the Senate of Acadia University will occur at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, 12 November 2002, in Room 132 of the Beveridge Arts Centre.  The AGENDA follows:
1) Minutes of the meeting of 15 October 2002

2) Announcements and Communications

3) Business Arising from the Minutes
 a) By-Laws Committee – Terms of Reference Item VIII (q) of Senate Constitution
           & By-Laws – Faculty Elections Officers

4) New Business
 a) Acadia Divinity College – Bethel Seminary of Hong Kong (023-11-DIV) *
 b) Acadia Divinity College -- Acadia Divinity College-Faculté de Théologie and
  Maître en Théologie (023-12-DIV) *
 c) Acadia Divinity College – Course Addition for INTE 3033 (023-13-DIV) *
 d) Vice-President (Academic) – Suspension of Fall Convocation (023-14-CON) *
 e) Research Ethics Board-Membership 2003-2006 (023-15-REB) *
 f) Registrar – Course Title and Number Change for Economics and Nutrition
  (023-16-REG) *

5) Other business

Yours sincerely

Jane Cayford
Registrar and Secretary of Senate

* Material Attached

Items Carried Over
 - Report from Task Force on Academic Integrity for February 2003

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 Senate Agenda/12 November 02
Recommendations from the Senate of the Acadia Divinity College
October 2002

Bethel Seminary of Hong Kong
It is moved that Bethel Seminary of Hong Kong be approved to add a specialization in Christian Education in its Master of Divinity Program which would parallel the specialization in Christian Education offered at Acadia Divinity College.

Bethel Bible Seminary in Hong Kong is an affiliate college of Acadia University under an arrangement approved by the Acadia University Senate in 1997.  The University awards the degrees of Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies to students who complete their work at B.B.S.

Parallel to the practice at Acadia, Bethel Bible Seminary has offered its MDiv degrees with specializations in either Pastoral Ministry or Pastoral Counselling. Such specializations at either Acadia or Bethel add electives in certain disciplines to a standard core curriculum.   Bethel now wishes to add a specialization in Christian Education parallel to the specialization in Christian Education offered at Acadia.

As in the specializations in Pastoral Counselling and Pastoral Ministry, this specialization does not add new courses to the curriculum, but will take the existing courses in Christian Education and configure them as an addition to the same core courses as the other MDiv degrees.

BS5013 Old Testament Introduction 1   3
BS5023 Old Testament Introduction 2   3
BS5513 New Testament Introduction 1  3
BS5523 New Testament Introduction 2  3
BS5906 Biblical Greek     6
BS5966 Biblical Hebrew    6
TH6013 Systematic Theology 1   3
TH6023 Systematic Theology 2   3
TH6033 Christian Ethics    3
TH6043 Church History    3
TH6053 Church History in China   3
TH6073 Old Testament Theology   3
TH6083 New Testament Theology   3
TH6093 Christian Apologetics    3

Page 2/Attachment 4)a)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

PT7013 Pastoral Ministry    3
PT7023 Homiletics:  Principles & Practice             3
PT7033 Evangelism     3
PT7043 Missions & the Church   3
PT7083 Christian Worship    3
PT7103 Hermeneutics     3
PT 7306 Supervised Field Education   6
PT7313 Senior Seminar    3
CE7503 Educational Ministry of the Church  3
CE7533 Curriculum & Christian Education  3
IPT8116 Clinical Pastoral Education   6
TOTAL CORE:              60

ELECTIVES              30
TOTAL:               90

The (minimum) 30 hours of Electives for the Specialization in Christian Education are to be chosen from the following already approved courses:

CE7513 Christian Education Org & Management 3
CE7523 Introduction to Teaching   3
CE7543 Outdoor Education & the Church  3
CE7553 Training for Discipleship   3
CE7563 Christian Education of Children  3
CE7573 Christian Education of Youth   3
CE7583 Theory & Theology of Christian Education 3
CE7603 Educational Psychology   3
CE7613 Moral, Value and Faith Development  3
CE7623 Group Dynamics    3
CE7633 Christian Education of Adults   3
CE7643 Christian Family Life Education  3
CE7653 Single Adult Ministry in the Church  3
CE7903 Directed Study    3
CE7993 Directed Study    3

Attachment 4)b)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

Faculte de Theologie
It is moved that the Maître en Théologie at FACULTÉ DE THÉOLOGIE ÉVANGÉLIQUE, Montreal be allowed in two modes: one with a thesis and one without a thesis.

The MTh degree at FTE presently requires a thesis.  The faculty has requested an option without a thesis which would require a number of professional papers and a professional project.  The rationale for introducing this option is that summative professional papers and projects will more readily serve the needs of a number of their students who are in pastoral ministry, and whose ministries will be enhanced more by the professional component of the non-thesis option.  The amount of credit to be awarded for the thesis and the professional papers/project is the same.  The faculty of FTE considers the MTh without thesis as a terminal degree.

 Attachment 4)c)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

New course
It is moved that INTE 3033  Integration Seminar be added to the courses offered in the Bachelor of Theology Program.
INTE 3033 Integration Seminar
The purpose of the Integration Seminar is to integrate the various theological disciplines with the practice of ministry as well as formation of ministry.  Methodologies used in the seminar will include small-group discussion, journaling, case studies, panel discussions and the preparation of a statement of faith and practice.

Attachment 4)d)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

From the Vice President (Academic)

It is moved that Acadia hold one convocation each year in May, continuing the present practice of three ceremonies.  It is proposed that fall convocation ceremony be suspended.

To accommodate students who complete their degree requirements between May and September and do not wish to wait until the following May to receive their degrees, Senate would approve the awarding of those degrees at its October meeting, i.e. students could choose to graduate with no ceremony in October or to graduate in May and participate in convocation ceremonies.

As is the usual practice, the Registrar can provide a letter to students who have completed their course work noting that they have completed their requirements and that their name will be recommended to Senate for the awarding of the degree at the next convocation.

Graduate students who choose to receive their degree in October would be considered along with the May graduates for the Governor General’s Gold Medal.

Attachment 4)f)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

Dr. Ian Wilks
Chair of Senate

Dear Dr. Wilks,

I am pleased to report that Mr. Peter Nathanson, LL.B., whose current term on the Research Ethics Board (REB) expires on December 31, 2002, has agreed to serve for another three-year term as a Community Member of the REB, effective January 1, 2003.  I respectfully request that Mr. Nathanson's name be brought forward to Senate at the earliest opportunity so that Senate may decide on this nomination in accordance with it By-Laws.

Many thanks.

Stephen Maitzen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Research Ethics Board
Acadia University

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Dalhousie University

Campus Box 181
Wolfville, NS  B4P 2R6

Telephone: (902) 585-1407
Facsimile: (902) 585-1070

Attachment 4)g)
 Senate Agenda/12 November 02

From the Registrar – Notice of course title and number changes

Econ 4213  Economic Growth becomes
Econ 4213 Development Economics

Food 4713 – Food Product Development becomes
Nutr 4733 – Food Product Development